The market's most futuristic droppers

Everybody that shops at a pharmacy, drug store, or health shop is familiar with the paradigm of the dropper. Droppers in this day and age fall into two primary classes: ones that have a bulb up top as part of the closure for dispensing or ones actuated by squeezing the container. In this latter category, Pin Mao has released an intriguing new design that we've come to call the "Dropper Mouse", due to the distinctive silhouette.

The most important part of a dropper is its aperture design. It must allow liquids to pass through upon exerting slight pressure yet retain liquids when not in use. Pin Mao's dropper dispensing designs ensure that liquids stay put until they're required. Slight pressure on the container releases individual, metered doses. More pressure can release a stream as required.

The most interesting feature of the droppers, though, is the sleek, futuristic, and eye-catching design of the container and closure as a whole. The design is reminiscent of a computer mouse, but one that's been streamlined and attractive to the eye.

Each dropper in the CA family by Pin Mao, therefore, combines excellent dispensing with a feel that's light years beyond what archaic-looking droppers offer. Companies also really enjoy the fact that the droppers offer a lot of surface space for decoration, branding, messaging, and product information. It's the best solution around for both firms and consumers!

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