Stylish tottles make an impact on the personal care market

Asian packaging supplier Pin Mao has created several series of tottles that are as stylish as their are useful. The new tottle lines feature a number of interesting shapes that are easy to hold and use and provide brands with an upscale options for their personal care lines.

Available in 30ml and 50ml capacities, the tottles are ideal for products that are dedicated to small scale use, such as serums, topical creams, or concentrated gels. Each tottle is crafted to be used easily with very little effort on the part of the consumer.

The DA line is square with two top style, straight and elegant or tapered and whimsical. The EA line is similar but round. The FA line is more oval in shape with either as straight body or one that flairs near the top.

The tottles are paired with screw top closures that fit perfectly and extend the line of the bottle portion and create a stylish silhouette with a lot of clear surface area for artwork, branding, or marketing messages. Combined with the numerous decoration options at Pin Mao's disposal, the tottles can be rendered totally unique.

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