Pin Mao is an internationally oriented producer of cosmetic and personal care packaging items, specializing in offering an incredibly wide array of containers and dispensing items to match just about any product on the market. A new initiative by the firm is to offer a convenient and simple item where smaller sizes in the line are ideal for easily carrying about in a purse or bag whereas the larger items can kept at home as a functional and decorative bathroom or dressing table item.

One of the key features of the new line is the fact that it offers a characteristic shape from the top down view. Rather than be a simple square or circle, the container is actually an octagon, with lining on the corners  that gives the bottle a somewhat art deco motif that's perfect for luxury or masstige lines seeking to provide consumers with a more elevated usage experience.

The IL line, a popular item among firms wishing to provide consumers with a full line of personal care products, can be paired with one of Pin Mao's spray or pump dispensers depending on the product's viscosity and specific purpose. The line is highly transparent, bright, and a clear solution for firms wishing top provide a top notch piece of packaging at a reasonable price.

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