Pin Mao's sterile single-use packaging

Pin Mao, one of Asia's leading producers of packaging for a wide array of sectors, has upgraded its existing single-use line of ampoules and serum bottles. The range has been improved with a number of material and closure options designed to offer firms, particularly those in the pharma space, a wider selection of packaging.

The system, patented by the firm, now comes in more sizes, making it perfect for various products, including hair treatments, skin creams, and more. Sleek, stylish, and thoroughly contemporary, each ampoule features an easy to use and clever snap off top, like many single use products on the market. The trick, however, is that once snapped off, the portion that's normally discarded can be flipped over and screwed to the aperture, meaning the product contained within remains clean and usable for another dose.

Companies can now ensure customers have a clean and simple system for products that often require multiple dosing. Each container can even be decorated to display graduated dosage information for accurate dispensing by the consumer. When used up, the bottles are completely recyclable. Whether sold individually or in treatment packs, Pin Mao's new serum bottles and ampoules ensure better dosing, improved hygiene, and an improved consumer experience.

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