Pin Mao releases the VT series, designed for full brand lines

Pin Mao is renowned for producing myriad packaging lines  where just about any personal care or cosmetic brand family can find an appropriate home. The new VT line is no different, it provides companies with the ability to create a full line of packaging from small containers for serums and treatments all the way up to large containers for body lotions, shampoos, or shower gels.

The VT line offers a simple cylindrical shape where the base is slightly smaller in diameter than the top of the container. Surprisingly, however, the bottle have been crafted such that the base is also slightly heavier than the top so that tipping the containers is more difficult than would be were the weight distributed uniformly.

Companies can find appropriate sizes for products ranging from small dose items in the 30ml version all the way up through to daily use items in the 200ml or 25ml versions. Each of the members of the VT family, however, can be purchased on their own should a firm simply require the packaging for one or two items, not a full brand range.

Each VT item in the family offers a large amount of empty space for branding or marketing messages and can be decorated using any number of techniques available from Pin Mao.  They can also be paired with all sorts of closures or dispensing tops, from simple flip tops to sprays to pumps.

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