Pin Mao releases a provocative new faceted jar range

Well known for providing a number of small and large firms with personal care and cosmetic packaging items, Pin Mao now offers a new jar range that's perfect for upscale and masstige products.

The new IM series is ostensibly round, like most jars, but offers four corners that are scalloped facets, creating an octagon devoid of sharp edges or rough corners. The number of facets, combined with the fact that the exterior of the jars are made of acrylic, make the jars luminescent. Light playfully refracts from facet to facet so that the jars almost glow.

Available in four sizes (15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml) the IM series also offers consumers a better grip thanks to the edges. Even when the product within the PP interior well contains oil, the jars can be grasped easily without slipping out of the hands.

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