Pin Mao introduces new items to its PET-G bottle and jar collection

One of the most common plastic materials that has been massively adopted by the packaging space is PETG. Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd., a leading Taiwanese packaging manufacturer, has just released two complementary ranges, the TL bottle series and the TP jar series, offering exceptional value to beauty and cosmetic companies. The notable design of the hourglass shaped TL bottles feature an additional top collar design making the line distinctive from other PETG packaging.

One of the many reasons why Pin Mao choose PETG is that it is fully recyclable. Unlike other plastics, its polymer chains can be recovered for additional use. On top of that, PETG is a good packaging solution for beauty and cosmetic products as it provides excellent barrier properties, filtering out gas and moisture for a number of products, even alcohol and solvents. PETG is strong and impact-resistant and naturally colourless with a very high level of transparency.

The extraordinary hourglass shaped bottle makes it easier for users to hold, and garners attention immediately on the shelf. Its top collar (made of a PMMA and ABS plastic blend) is highly glossy, impact resistant, and perfect for decorating using metallization, overspraying, or numerous other techniques.

Pin Mao's ceaseless efforts to innovate makes it a firm that is one of the most highly sought packaging providers in the world today.

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