Pin Mao adds an elegant newcomer to its line

For over two decades, Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has been dedicated to cosmetic packaging research and development.  The company has released its new ET-series, an achievement for the firm with regard to square bottle packaging.  Made of durable and clear PET-G, the new square bottles take the best design concepts from the company's M-series diamond jars to create a stunningly shiny bottle that captures and magnifies reflected light unlike other square bottls on the market.

As a qualified and professional company in the packaging field, Pin Mao's policy is one of constant innovation. As a perfect match to the company's M-series, the new ET-series ensures that a company can create a full product line that's both attractive and visually captivating.

Another unique feature is on the top of the ET, a diamond cut shoulder which makes the ET-series an elegant and shiny piece of square packaging.  If the diamond stands for the greatest gift possible for a relationship, Pin Mao believes that the ET-series and M-series are the perfect design for skin care, wedding a stylish container with a luxury or masstige product. The bottle is even more stunning when it is decorated with gradient colouring, one of Pin Mao's specialty touches.  Covered with a rose-shaped cap, the design is even more elegant, as the rose is yet another symbol of affection and beauty.

See the M-Series on WEBpackaging and how it complements the new ET-Series perfectly.

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